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Acts of a Recovering Drama Queen? Yes. I’m done with melodrama. I’m taking my cue from nature’s dramas, where protagonists and antagonists are only a matter of perspective.

I offer you essays/poems/hybrid writing.1
(The world is too complex for categories—let’s celebrate the platypus.)

I write to challenge our cultural ideas of beauty, and to offer hope.

No platitudes, no deus ex machinas!

Authentic hope doesn’t require happy endings. It requires close, unbiased attention in the present, and the Buddhists’ paradoxical attempt to accept things as they are while seeking change.

Art and science work in quite different ways: agreed. But, bad as it may sound, I have to admit that I cannot get along as an artist without the use of one or two sciences. ... In my view, the great and complicated things that go on in the world cannot be adequately recognised by people who do not use every possible aid to understanding. — Bertolt Brecht

When we borrow a scientist’s neutral view, we aren’t distancing ourselves from the world’s pain. On the contrary: we are better able to shift perspectives, and cultivate compassion instead of choosing (illusory) sides.

I hope that my writing will resonate with what you already know intuitively and/or nudge you in new directions.

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About Me (the formal bit):

Ren is a poet, playwright, and teaching artist living in Jæren, Norway. She has published six full-length poetry collections, several bilingual chapbooks, and more than a dozen books of translations. Her plays have been performed in Canada, Norway, and the United States.

Ren has a Ph.D. in Creative Writing from Lancaster University (England), and a BA in Theater Arts from Texas A&M University (USA). 

A member of The Norwegian Author’s Union, The Norwegian Guild for Drama & Theatre Instructors, and The Dramatists Guild (US), Ren also served as the International PEN Women Writers’ Committee representative for Human Rights.

You can find an informal introduction here: Beyond the writer’s bio.

If you’ve read this far, thank you for taking the time to do so!


LitLetters is a term coined by Tara Penry to describe a substack missive that is not a “newsletter”: https://substack.com/home/post/p-144621450

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Writing against Melodrama by Engaging with the Natural World. ➤ Essays/Poems/Hybrid Writing.


California-born, poet/playwright/teaching artist. Settled in the gray/green landscape of Norway. Author of Impermanence (2021), The Elephants Have Been Singing all Along (2017), and others. Buddhist-ish. Lapsed scholar. Meditative runner (ie slow).